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Using the finest Manufacturing facilities, Sarthak Biotech manufactures generic as well as branded generics products.
The Company remains focused on ascending the value chain in the marketing of pharmaceutical substances and is determined to bring in increased revenues from dosage forms sales.

A snow-balling momentum in establishing new facilities formulations for the regulated markets, securing approvals from National & international regulatory authorities, Sarthak Biotech is having its production plant located in Karnal district of Haryana (the prosperous province of India) just 120 km from Delhi which is very well connected by National Highway 1 & enjoys a good network of Indian Railway service network of , with dedicated infrastructure and labs that have been created for the best quality of its each & every product.

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At Sarthak Biotech Pvt. Ltd., our Vision, Mission and Values are not empty words. These are codes that we honor and live by. We are driven by a zeal that transcends the merely financial; we believe in fulfilling a spiritual purpose. We are inspired by a dream to leave behind a legacy that future generati ons will admire.

We at Sarthak Biotech have formulated a corporate philosophy that states “we contribute to the longer, healthier & happier lives of people around the world through the creation of pharmaceuticals.” In accordance with that philosophy, through our business activities we work to achieve, Our vision of “becoming a global research-driven pharmaceutical company addressing the prolific needs of Mankind from various ailments & to be an inspiring company by developing a broad portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products that can be trusted by communities”

In this way, we will protect the health of people around the world and contribute to comfortable lifestyles.

We at Sarthak Biotech cares for our employees, customers, consumers, the environment, all who interact with the Company and for society at large. And we are proud of it.

I would like to ask for the continued support and understanding of all our stakeholders.
Kind regards

Aman Vats

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