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Using the finest Manufacturing facilities, Sarthak Biotech manufactures generic as well as branded generics products.
The Company remains focused on ascending the value chain in the marketing of pharmaceutical substances and is determined to bring in increased revenues from dosage forms sales.
A snow-balling momentum in establishing new facilities formulations for the regulated markets, securing approvals from National & international regulatory authorities, Sarthak Biotech is having its production plant located in Karnal district of Haryana (the prosperous province of India) just 120 km from Delhi which is very well connected by National Highway 1 & enjoys a good network of Indian Railway service network of , with dedicated infrastructure and labs that have been created for the best quality of its each & every product.
Under its management fortitude to become an R&D oriented world-class pharmaceutical company. Sarthak Biotech keystone was laid by Mr. S.C. Sharma and Mr. Aman Vats &

Mr. Kuldeep Kumar in 2005. Sarthak Biotech has been recognized as one of the fastest up coming company in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry to have recorded remarkable growth in a very short respite of operations.

Today, with its clientage in number of countries, Sarthak Biotech is the recognized as the thriving manufacturer-exporter of drug formulations from India and is ranked amongst the escalating producers of quality medicines.
Sarthak Biotech drive for internationalization is guided by a well-planned brand strategy. The company having in its basket over 165 brands, which will strengthen company's position in pharma market and generating intellectual property has resulted in a strategic transformation in Sarthak Biotech business profile.

Sarthak Biotech’s Mission is "For Quality medicines at Decent Prices"
Purpose Is to help people "Live longer, healthier & happier".

Considering the Aim “To develop a broad portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products addressing the prolific needs of Mankind from various ailments“

Sarthak Biotech is taking all possible measures to enhance its range of its existing products by developing superior products where conventional formulations have limited effectiveness, and to reformulate pharmaceutical compounds with known safety and efficacy.
GMP certification an ISO 9000:2001 company
State of the art facilities
Dedicated block for handling Bata-Lactums
Specialist in aseptic handling
Experience Spanning more than 8 years in Healthcare Industry
Quality based positive outlook
Large Manufacturing Capacities
Customer driven approach
Cost Efficiencies
Flexibility of batch sizes
Well versed in handling contract manufacturing projects for large companies

To Know About Sarthak Group Click Here