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Business Excellence Quality

Business excellence has been embedded in Sarthak through processes and methodologies that enable companies to heed the call of quality.
While quality has always been one of the cornerstones of the Sarthak’s way of business, the need to introduce a formal system that calibrated how different group companies were faring on this scale began being felt soon after the commencement. There is a formal arrangement that governs the relationship between individual Sarthak companies and the superstructure that is the Sarthak group.

Sarthak group gain insights on their strengths and their opportunities for improvement. This is managed through an annual process of ‘assessments’. At the time of assessments, the assessors map out the strengths and improvement opportunities existing in the company before providing their feedback to its leadership team. A result-driven scoring mechanism enables the company to track its progress over time, and ensure that it keeps improving.

The methodology has been moulded to deliver strategic direction and drive business improvement. It contains elements that enable companies following its directives to capture the best of global business processes and practices. The model has retained its relevance thanks to the dynamism built into its core. This translates into an ability to evolve and stay in step with ever-changing business performance parameters.
The matrix is used for the organizational self-assessment of Sarthak group, recognition and awards, and for providing feedback to group company. In additions, this system plays three important supportive roles in strengthening the competitiveness of Sarthak Group of companies:

It helps to improve business excellence practices, capabilities and results.
It facilitates communication and sharing of best practices among Sarthak Group.
It serves as a working tool for understanding and managing performance, for providing planning guidance, and for identifying     learning opportunities.


Our workers are our capital - they are the backbone of what we do. Since we value human life more than anything else, we take utmost care of our workers' safety. Our factories and machines are regularly and diligently examined by highly-trained technicians and engineers.
The safety of our clients and customers too, is extremely important to us. That is why our products and services meet the strictest standards existing anywhere in the world.
We take care that we use safe technologies to protect our environment against air and water pollution and deforestation.
Development thrives in safety. It renders us a peace of mind that enables us to think beyond the immediate concerns.


We support environmental action in collaboration with voluntary and community groups. We promote energy efficiency measures and contribute to the achievement of global sustainability. We aspire to leave a healthy earth to our future generations and we are always taking steps to ensure it. We are aware that economic development doesn't matter if it is obtained at the cost of our environment. We take the following steps to ensure a healthy environment around our factories:

We stick to the emission norms.
We take care we don't pollute our air and the water resources.
 We staunchly believe that environment and development have to co-exist, otherwise no development can be called "development."
We encourage green areas around our installations.
We are constantly educating our workers and giving incentives to them to keep the environment clean.
We re-cycle our wastes so that there is less strain on ecology and natural resources.
We periodically assess the implementation of the corporate Environmental Policy for review by senior management.
    We believe that an investment for a more pure environment is an investment for the future.

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