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Sarthak Foods is the company of India origin with nearest in Manufacturing, Marketing, Export and contract manufacturing of Nutraceuticals & Health food, categories of products.

The year 2000 saw the birth of Sarthak Foods, a Healthcare company with small range of odd product in its fold and operations restricted to few states in the country. From such humble beginnings, a focused approach, perfect vision and persistent hard work has enabled the team to grow. Sarthak Foods have now reached the whole almost length and breadth of the country offering a consolidated range of products.
A Group has been able to establish a stronghold in, gynaec, anti-diabetic and nutritional products ranging across tablets, capsules, liquids, drops and powder.

In the quest to ‘make life Sarthak’, Sarthak is looking forward to novel and natural approaches towards mainstay and supportive remedies in emerging disorders and ailments. In this attempt, Sarthak Foods takes “A Leaf out of Mother Nature” to bring her to tried and tested products for mainstay and supportive remedies.

The Sarthak foods segment of Sarthak Foods, applies nature’s remedies backed by concrete scientific evidence to counter novel challenges to cardiac, diabetic, aging and other lifestyle disorders.

Sarthak Foods is one of the nation’s reliable manufacturers marketers of quality branded nutritional supplements sold to health and natural food stores. Sarthak Foods sells products to health and natural food stores across the globe.

Because of our emphasis on Innovation, Quality, Loyalty, Education and Customer Service, Sarthak Foods products are widely recognized in health and natural foods stores and among health and natural foods store consumers.